“I felt right at home with Zoe’s GUIDANCE…”

Starting in 2019, the Moxon Weighs In Podcast is a weekly podcast produced by Zoe until episode 11. After which using the skills and expertise presented by Zoe, the hosts and business owners felt confident to craft the podcast themselves. Though Zoe still produces and directs episodes from time to time.

The above example is of Episode 2, “In todays episode we begin to uncover the common things that are holding people back when it comes to weight loss success.”

The Moxon Weighs In Podcast will give you hard hitting, honest insights into the world of professional fighting, building businesses, maintaining strong relationships and redefining wealth, success and what it takes to truly be a champion.”


“I’m a comedy guy, not a podcast guy, but with Zoe’s help, I’ve boosted my career and booked more gigs thanks to the podcast…”

The Jakes On You Podcast is a weekly comedy interview podcast produced by Zoe, starring Australian comedian Jake Budge. Though most episodes are recorded “on the road” the first 5 episodes were recorded in the Creative Geelong Studio. All aspects of direction, production, editing and distribution for the Jakes On You Podcast are designed by Zoe.

The above example is of Episode 3, “In 1993 Billy-Joe Shearsby rode the sporting race of his life and took out a World Championship team pursuit title along with Stuart O'Grady, Tim O'Shannessy and Brett Aitken and in todays episode they talk about that and also what it takes to be a pro rider, comedy,bad gigs, super hard training and more.”

Zoe Hollingsworth - Podcast Producer